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About IG&H

IG&H is a leading consulting – technology firm specializing in the retail, financial services and healthcare sector. IG&H drives business transformations through alignment of people, business and technology, and is committed to making a sustainable impact on society. They combine 30+ years of unmatched sector knowledge with digital transformation and technology capabilities, providing services in strategy, digital design and platform technologies – powered by world-class technology partners.

What Makes IG&H Stand Out

Industry Focus



"Make Strategy Work"

Continuous Intelligence


  • IG&H is one of the only service providers that combines strategy, consulting and transformation skills with technology, development and implementation.
  • A deep industry focus and proven “Make Strategy Work” methodology enable them to turn strategies into actionable programs that deliver value fast.
  • Strong partnerships with Microsoft, OutSystems and Mavim allow them to not only talk the talk but make it work with sustained success.

Outside of the Netherlands, IG&H has offices in Germany (Munich) and Portugal (Lisbon, Evora, Porto, Coimbra).

Our Solution: IG&H and Mavim

At IG&H, we help businesses with complex digital transformations. We understand that if you want to stay relevant, you need to bring your (digital) capabilities to the next level. Even the consulting sector gets disrupted by new technologies, and we realize that businesses like ours need to move away from the traditional “excel-powerpoint-approach” to a digital model where they can capture and analyze their clients’ processes. In light of this trend, we partnered with Mavim – a business process management (BPM) software – to digitalize our own processes.

Mavim allows IG&H to better use its best-practices domain expertise, by anchoring asset-based consulting propositions on a scalable platform. This allows us to reuse content, easily tailor the solution to the client, reduce unnecessary work and save time all while creating a collaborative environment where IG&H and our clients can work together.  

Mavim is a leading end-to-end business process intelligence and transformation platform. 
The software facilitates the creation of a dynamic, virtual representation of an organization in its operational context; what Gartner calls a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO). 
This way you can virtually see how people work along with the systems and processes they touch, while generating continuous intelligence about what is happening in real-time. Moreover, this is used to help model the current state and the desired end-state and to track the relevant KPI’s to monitor the progress.
Powered by Microsoft technology (Visio, Azure, Power BI), this fully customizable BPM platform will enable us at IG&H to further help our clients realign and bring changes to life at an accelerated rate while also providing a collaborative solutions suite to define, visualize and redesign business processes, mine data, transform and help organizations to become a digital leader.

Interested in learning more how IG&H and Mavim can help you and your colleagues in your next transformation? Please contact our Partner Manager to learn more:

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