About TriFinance

TriFinance is an independent international growth company with more than 800 employees in finance and control. TriFinance provides a unique approach to guide their customers’ businesses in a new direction aligned with their overall business strategies. TriFinance supports their customers with mentoring and coaching; they further their customer’s operational performance with advice using a hands-on approach (hands-on know-how) to implementation and operational support. They strive on knowledge is experience, which they implement into their teaching concepts which they naturally share amongst dynamic technology professionals.

TriFinance goes beyond analyzing market and intelligent reports in different industries. They enter transformation platforms with clients to support and improve their customers’ financial functions, sustainability, and GDPR so profoundly. They make sure to help successfully implement any new programs and assure they are running and working efficiently and effectively from insight to realization.

Mavim x TriFinance Partnership

In an era marked by change, transformation needs to be pragmatic: the change needs to work. The Mavim and TriFinance duo uses process transparency as the root to all change. The Mavim Platform is the transformation platform that TriFinance puts themselves and their clients into to provide a bottomup transformation approach, to lead to a customer’s continuous improvement through co-creation.

TriFinance has built specific solutions within the Mavim Platform based on industry and unique business requirements needed for customized change. These solutions all have incorporated the ways to bring process transparency to their customer’s operations and provide a holistic visual to their entire process organization in one platform. Using Mavim, TriFinance co-creates with their customers new ways of working to ensure success and overall ROI while going through heavy shifts in technology and enterprise architectural structure. The Mavim x TriFinance Partnership allows you to redesign your business and process landscape to be able to execute projects cleaner and faster, increasing time to value.


  • Increases productivity levels
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Accelerates implementations
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Improves your insights
  • Lowers Costs
  • Redesigns business to execute projects 



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Joey Koch

VP of Alliances | Mavim