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Global Terminals Operator Turns to Mavim to Create New Operating Model


Client was lacking insights to design and realize their new business operating model

The Global Terminals Operator has a series of terminals to support both shipping lines and inland service networks. They are working to change their business operating model in order to become an end to end logistics company. However, changing the business operating model requires specific insight into the current way of working. Functional disciplines across the organization need to align and collaborate in order to deliver one reliable result to the customer. Customers expect to be treated uniformly, regardless of which location or terminal they visit. This is currently not yet the case. The lack of one way of working has impact not only on the customer experience, but also on the operational costs. The time it takes to off-load each ship at the terminal is too long. Their edge is diminishing due to the higher operational costs than their competitors.


Mavim is being used by the local/regional Terminal Management to generate their view on the future way of working. This allows them to compare best practices across the globe and agree on one way going forward. In parallel, they are looking to re-implement their ERP system to support the new way of working. By levering Mavim’s process mining capabilities, they can generate a view of how each terminal currently works in one click of a button. This helps to build the business case for each terminal adapting the new way of working. Post go-live, they also plan to use Mavim to measure and monitor the results of the newly implemented way of working.


Phase 1 of the documented ‘search for excellence’ is almost done. Savings of 2-5 million euros per terminal have been identified. In addition, the project has also led to concrete requirements for the new ERP system, which are currently visualized in Mavim as a Business Process Blueprint. Plans for realization of these improvements are being drafted. Awareness on Terminal Management Level is increasing and will continue to do so as the project continues to deliver significant business results in the form of lower operational costs.

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