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American BioTech Company Leverages Mavim to Improve Operational Efficiency


Client struggled to create room for innovation due to significant operational legacy

An American BioTech company that aims to become the Amazon of the agricultural industry was struggling to overcome a significant operational legacy. Reducing operational expenses in order to invest in innovation is challenging when different physical locations or different business units have their own processes, applications, and way of working. They were aiming to minimize process related errors, improve compliance, reduce costs, and create the agility needed to take advantage of the opportunities that digitalization provides.


In Mavim, the organization mapped their global functions and primary processes as well as the necessary process related information such as owners, connected standards, KPIs, risks, and work instructions. They also took advantage of the openness of Mavim to connect the mapped processes to their SAP environment in order to guide end users in the execution of the new way of working. They also leveraged Mavim’s process mining capabilities to visualize their fact-based way of working alongside their designed way of working. This created widespread insight and formed the foundation for many continuous improvement initiatives.


With three divisions making use of Mavim, the biotech company has been able to reduce operational expenditures by 14%. While the initial roll out within the organization was conservative, the rapid business results encouraged the program lead to expand their use of Mavim to another five divisions, where he expects to see an even bigger ROI as knowledge and collaboration grows between organizational silos.

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