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Global Shipbuilder Launches Large Scale Transformation to Improve Bottom Line


Client struggling to establish one way of working across all operating companies and contracting parties

A Global Maritime Services provider faced the challenge of establishing one way of working among all its operating companies and contractors in order to reduce costs and become more competitive in the global market. They struggled to create one process for building large specialty ships when working across 23 operating companies and with 50+ external contracting parties, which were necessary to deliver the total solution. Due to a lack of process alignment a lot of mistakes were made, rework is necessary, ultimately making the time from order to delivery too long. This results in a price that was too high to compete with the Chinese, who were able to offer their ships at a better price/quality ratio.


Mavim was used to create a One Way of Working best practice framework across the entire business ecosystem. Mavim was implemented to: 

  • Generate a best practices process library to support a One Way of Working program. 
  • Support the implementation of Project Accounting from IFS, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) from Siemens, as well as other applications. 
  • Significantly speed up the realization of actually working as one company globally.


This resulted in a 20% time to market acceleration due to better alignment and understanding about where they could leverage process automation. They were also able to realize 19% end to end organizational cost savings due to a significant reduction in the number of employees and associated labor costs. Ultimately they were also able to become more competitive on the global market, resulting in an additional 1 billion euros in revenues annually.

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