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Leading European Insurance Provider Improves NPS by Customer Journey Mining


Client struggling to improve their NPS score in spite of new initiatives

A European, mid-market insurance company instituted a series of objectives and policies that they thought would improve the customer experience, including: 

  • An online e-commerce capability to sell directly to customers online
  • Multi-channel client communication
  • Guaranteed 24 hour response times

However, contrary to their expectations, their NPS score declined after the release of their new offerings. Customer surveys informed them that their customers were having an inconsistent experience across channels and locations.


To gain fact-based insight into customer behavior and the intersection with their own internal operations, this insurance company turned to Mavim. Together the following objectives were formulated and the project was scoped: • Identify how customer journeys actually run vs how they were expected to run

  • Identify and visualize actual customer behavior across channels
  • Create and optimize a uniform cross-channel customer experience supported by optimal internal processes 
  • Find root causes behind the poorly (perceived) response reliability across different countries


Mavim's process mining capabilities could show that multiple countries had issues with their response reliability, where response times could go up to an average of 8 days (instead of 24 hours). A number of bottlenecks were found in the process that were causing delays. Web-inquiries and online insurance applications were not picked up in time for processing. Also, between several steps in the processing and approval process there were delays, as the process was still executed manually and was not supported by a workflow. Additionally, there were issues (delays) with claims above threshold values. Claims where an additional approval was needed due to an exceeded threshold amount were delayed, as there was no automated workflow pushing the claim through the process. All of this built the business case for rolling out a new way of working across the entire organization with the help of the Mavim platform.

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