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Leading Global Accountancy Firm turns to Mavim to Improve Compliance


Client was lacking insights to design and realize their new business operating model

A leading global accountancy firm was struggling to reduce operational costs and to become compliant with local European privacy regulations, including the GDPR. While the firm offers its customers professional services support to achieve the same ends, they spent little time on it internally, which resulted in operational chaos and significant financial and brand risk if found to be non-compliant. In addition, organizations like theirs were beginning to receive significant fines for non-compliance to the GDPR.


The company leveraged Mavim’s process mining capabilities to understand how their internal processes were being executed. Much to the surprise of the CIO, they were even able to discover several processes that the management team didn’t know existed. By gaining insight into their current operating model, they used Mavim’s design capabilities to create their desired operating model, including the KPIs and key risks attached.


Not only does the company now have grasp on all compliance related processes, but they can continually monitor the execution of those processes. Because they have tagged high risk process steps (key risk indicators), they are alerted when a person or a department repeatedly makes a high-risk error. On top of that, they were able to realize significant costs savings for their internal projects – they saw a 20% reduction in staff needed to execute internal projects thanks to better visibility into roles and responsibilities.

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