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Whether you are looking to grow your career, your organization, or improve on your knowledge of Mavim, the Mavim Academy offers an extensive library of online courses, relevant course information, and exams that directly align with our product promise. New to our academy is the role-based training approach, where you can choose courses that are particularly relevant to your role in your organization and how you interact with Mavim. This approach ensures a full flash online experience to help get you familiar with, or re-acquainted with Mavim, while also providing an opportunity for continued education. Once completed, you will receive a "Certified Mavim" certificate to show case your expertise of Mavim.

Interested in Continuing Your Mavim Education?

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Mavim Academy


For trainees who will be involved in Mavim Process Mining.


The Enterprise designer acts as a project lead/database administrator for a group of solution designers, which can be sold with the Enterprise license in Mavim Manager.


Improve on existing content and solutions, in which there is limited knowledge needed of the Mavim Manager.

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