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The 2019 Panorama ERP Report: No Surprises Here

The new Panorama Consulting ERP report for 2019 has been published. Key take-away: ERP projects are most successful when focused on integrating people, process and technology. Not really surprising…. But what does this mean and what is the best way to integrate these three components?

Getting Resources for ERP Demands a Clear (Well-Communicated) Business Imperative

The traditional motives for “doing ERP” are all about improving operational efficiency, cost reductions, and establishing a standard way of working. However, this can create tension when the business executives who need to decide on the resource allocation are focused entirely on the growth opportunities provided by digital business. ERP projects (and the CIOs that drive them) struggle to avoid seeming irrelevant in the minds of the executives who consider ERP to be more hygiene than value. Yet ironically, the only way to succeed with ERP is by creating strong management support.

5 Lessons Learned from the CIO of the Future

Established in 1933, DEEN has grown in recent years to become one of the most important retailers in the Netherlands. As business flourished, DEEN sought out a transformation program that would help drive continuous business improvement in customer satisfaction, average revenue per customer, growth in market share and improved overall margins.

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