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The Problem with Strategy Mapping

When leaders and their ideas and decision making become so far removed from the workforce, their work product is often dismissed as “out of touch” or “irrelevant”, regardless of quality.

When Strategic Thinking Isn’t Enough: 4 Reasons Why Large Change Projects Fail

Recently, the Harvard Business Review published an article listing the five strategic questions leaders need to ask. The article, while worth a read, didn’t address the arguably more pertinent issue about how a well thought out strategy should be implemented. Creating a well-defined, deliberate strategy is certainly a prerequisite for thoughtful business development, but how do you move past the design phase into the execution of the idea?

Five Questions That Will Strengthen Your Company's Strategy

There is strong consensus that a strategy is a necessary part of any organization’s future success. After all, without strategy, how will your company navigate the tidal wave of digital disruption? In theory, all organizations would devote thousands of man hours to the development and continual reassessment of corporate strategy.

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