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IT Portfolio Management

Structure, manage, and improve your IT Portfolio

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Gain the ability to make more conscious investment choices for your organization’s application landscape. Reduce the complexity of the application landscape. Control the lifecycle and management of your business critical applications. Rationalization of the application landscaape can save significant costs in maintenance and management. Applications with overlapping functionalities can be made visible, outdated systems can be phased out, and redundant applications can be eliminated.

Gain Insights into the Impact of Change

IT Portfolio Management prepares an organization to quickly and easily respond to changing consumer demands with new product and service offerings., supported by the IT infrastructure. With ITPM, you can determine the impact that changing processes will have on IT and the impact that changes in IT will have on the business. ITPM in Mavim also contributes to the minimization of risk, by identifying the impact of change in advance and communicating that to the necessary parties.

Improve Agility and Responsiveness

Gain insight into your application landscape, the underlying technology, and connected business processes. Transform your IT department into a responsive whole to increase business productivity. Respond quickly and flexibly to new challenges and meet business demands. With IT Portfolio Management in Mavim, you can validate IT investments and costs in order to demonstrate that they are in line with the chosen strategy and priorities of the organization.

Accelerate Innovation

Increase the transparency of the IT landscape in order to accelerate the ability to innovate consistently. Prepare the application portfolio to suit business requirements brought about by changing market conditions such as big data, cloud, social, and mobile. By simplifying and reducing the maintenance and management of applications, you can create the space to innovate and incorporate the newest technologies into your IT portfolio.

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