Central Repository

Mavim provides a central repository for managing all information about applications and systems, visualized in Viso. The consistent, uniform documentation about the operation of the application and the dependence on the business provides an organization with a huge lead time in planning, design, testing and implementation. This documentation can then be used for the development of consistent and supportive training¬material.

Mavim provides centralization and re-use of all the information prior to and generated during application deployment or migration and development. Existing information documented in spreadsheets and other sources can be imported, empowering the reuse of existing data. Using the Database Connection Manager ensures that business processes and IT items that are recorded in the CMDB (such as applications, servers, networks, routers, bridges) can be connected in Mavim.

Fit-Gap Analysis

The "fit" between the functionality of the ERP package, the people and business processes (which need to be supported by the package) are important for the successful implementation of a business-critical application.

Mapping the business processes that have been documented in Mavim on top of the application will create insight into how and where the ERP system needs to be adjusted to support the organization. This helps to reduce risk and create visibility into the impact of changing IT and business processes.
Fit Gap

Pre-Configured Business Process Blueprints

Mavim offers preconfigured Business Process Blueprints to accelerate the blueprinting phase of an ERP implementation. The existing process models can be easily enriched to map relevant business processes and then translated into software functionality.

After enriching your preconfigured Business Process Blueprint, you can leverage on the additional capabilities of the Mavim software to ensure that the most up-to-date information is given to the implementation team. What is more, stakeholders will be able to monitor progress and verify changes made to the existing processes in the familiar Microsoft Office environment.

SharePoint Publication | Office365

Mavim offers numerous communication options aimed at facilitating end-user adoption. Mavim provides a basis for communicating the new or modified process for the whole organization. All application data, reports, instructions and updates can be published directly via the Mavim web portal or via SharePoint/Office 365.

The impact that changing processes have on the business are immediately visible and communicable to the organization. This functionality facilities stakeholder involvement and creates the opportunity to involve the entire business by providing a reliable information stream for all end-users.

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