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Application Implementation Management

Accelerate the Implementation of Business Critical Applications


Pre-Configured Business Process Blueprints

Mavim offers preconfigured Business Process Blueprints to accelerate the analysis phase of an ERP/CRM implementation. The existing process models can be easily enriched to reflect the way your organization works, which can then be translated into software functionality. This ensures clear project scoping as well as the delivery of an ERP/CRM solution that fits the way your organization works.

Monitoring Post Go-Live

After go-live, Mavim can be leveraged to assess if the newly implemented processes are being executed according to the design and defined KPIs. Quickly view the impact of non-conformance on throughput time and process steps, and understand which process steps cause conformance violations, as well as who and where the conformance violations occurred. With Mavim, you can also compare how the newly implemented processes are being executed per office or region.

process discovery

process discovery

Bi-Directional Connection to Transactional Systems

Mavim facilitates the centralization and re-use of all the information generated prior to and during an application deployment. This information can then be used to help stakeholders understand what has changed and how to execute on their new processes. The bi-directional connection also ensures that if an end-user gets lost trying to execute a process step, he or she can check Mavim to understand not only what steps to execute, but why it is important and what is being measured. Mavim facilitates a bi-directional integration with Infor, SAP, and Microsoft.

Visualizations for Business Users

In Mavim, you see processes represented as a graphical flow model, which depict and orchestrate the flow of work across organizational units in the language of business users. By visually exposing processes, both managers and participants are encouraged to work at the process level rather than an application or task level. Mavim has also recently added a work stream functionality – which helps guide participants in his or her next actions for work items as well as ensure that critical review and approval processes happen.

process discovery

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