Mavim enables the inventory and management of IT portfolios from one central location. Operating from one single source of truth ensures the alignment of Business and IT goals and facilitates effective communication with stakeholders both in and outside the IT department.

Mavim can synchronize with existing CMDBs to speed time to value. The Mavim platform creates insight into an organization’s IT landscape, including all applications, the technology that sustains them and the business processes they support. Mavim helps organizations with complex legacy IT systems experience significant cost reductions, achieve efficient operations, and create space for the adoption of innovative technologies.

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Move Beyond Monitoring: Gain Control Over Your IT Landscape

Reduce Management Costs

Gain Insight into the
Impact of Change

Improve Agility and Responsiveness

Accelerate Innovation

Case Studies

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Manage your application portfolio from one central repository

Central Visio Repository

Mavim provides a central repository that enables the creation of a portfolio overview which can be visualized in Microsoft Visio.

ArchiMate® & Metadata

Mavim supports the ArchiMate® language and provides a flexible meta-data set that facilitates the connection between data and images.

Reports & Dashboards

Mavim generates detailed reports and dashboards to create insight into whether applications should be replaced, phased out, or maintained.

SharePoint Publication | Office365

Mavim facilitates stakeholder involvement and end-user adoption with the SharePoint | Office 365 publication capability.


IT Portfolio Management is a discipline that aims to capture the characteristics of an organization’s IT landscape in order to evaluate their value to the organization based upon current and anticipated business needs. Previously, IT portfolios were created to house the characteristics of relatively slow-changing applications. However, today’s world requires IT leaders to be able to do more with less resources, while delivering functionalities that support new business initiatives in an agile fashion. Transforming the IT department into a responsive whole that supports the business requires more than traditional application portfolio management offers – it requires gaining insight not only into the characteristics of the applications themselves but the connection that the applications have to the people that use them and the business processes they support.

The Mavim Difference

In one platform, Mavim supports the management and integration of six primary Business and IT Management themes that enable successful transformation. Mavim brings these critical disciplines together in one repository, which facilitates the elimination of silos and creates impact for the entire business.

Mavim empowers organizations to continue to use familiar Microsoft technologies (think: Visio, PowerPoint, Excel, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL) to facilitate the visualization, alignment, and prioritization of innovation initiatives with a company’s strategic vision. By connecting strategy, projects, personnel, processes, technology, risks, architecture, customers, and infrastructure in one platform, Mavim increases the success rate of major Business & IT transformation.