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Enterprise Architecture

Model, visualize, and collaborate from one central repository

Drive Innovation

Rigid architecture, too many standards and heavy-handed oversight are incompatible with a rapidly changing world. In order to enable organizations to create innovative new products & services, EA needs to be able to engage and collaborate across both the business & IT. Mavim's user-friendly software allows Enterprise Architects to deliver architecture in many different interfaces that satisfies members of EA, IT & the business.

Create Flexibility and Agility

Enterprise Architects plays a key role in supporting organizations as they move towards a bimodal way of working. Mavim supports both foundational enterprise architects in the optimization of current business operations, as well as vanguard enterprise architects in driving innovation. With ArchiMate®, Mavim facilitates a linear approach to business change. Yet Mavim's openness to integration, support of corporate strategy, and user-friendliness empower vanguard architects in leveraging disruptive technologies to drive business value.

Cross-Organization Collaboration

With Mavim, Enterprise Architects can ensure that the outputs of EA are available for the business & IT to use. Leverage Mavim to create insight into the entire architecture landscape and to communicate with the business in proactive, planned cycles. According to industry analysts, EA practitioners put themselves at risk by not communicating their work with the business. Mavim provides a user-friendly solution, built upon Microsoft Office 365, that facilitates enterprise-wide collaboration and helps Enterprise Architects drive business results.

Deliver on Corporate Strategy

Enterprise Architecture can play a key role in identifying the opportunities to leverage new and innovative technologies that will drive corporate strategy. Mavim for EA empowers the alignment of corporate strategy with an organization's projects, personnel, processes, technology, risks, architecture, customers, and infrastructure in one platform. Mavim creates dynamic insight into the current (as-is) state of an organization and helps visualize the desired (to-be) destination to support Enterprise Architects implement digital business strategy. This makes it possible for Enterprise Architects to make business & IT recommendations upon which they can deliver.

Case Studies

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