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Business Process Management

Mine, model, analyze and improve business processes

Create Context and Visibility

Because Mavim supports the full alignment of business & IT, Mavim for BPM creates greater context and visibility into business operations than traditional BPM tools. The user-friendly Mavim platform empowers an organization's most valuable resource (people) to consume the right information at the right time, which enables them to dynamically orchestrate their interactions with customers. Mavim provides the flexibility to support process standardization, while leaving room for human ingenuity at the customer touchpoint.

Deliver an Innovative Customer Experience

Mavim for BPM helps to unify customer touch-points, which leads to the type of standardization that results in increased customer satisfaction. Adopting a process-based way of thinking helps organizations to consider decisions in light of the impact it would have on the customer. Additionally, Mavim for BPM will reduce overhead, which allows organizations to spend time and money delivering an innovative customer experience.

Improve Process Quality

Processes form the heart of every organization, and good process management determines the quality of products and services. Mavim for BPM helps organizations to streamline internal processes, reveal operational bottlenecks, and improve the predictability of process outcomes. Mavim empowers organizations to achieve their operational excellence goals.

Reduce Operational Costs

Mavim for BPM helps organizations to standardize and optimize their process landscapes in order to scale. BPM lowers costs by streamlining processes across an organization so that they can be easily understood and managed, and so that risks can be mitigated and waste can be reduced. Mapping out processes and illustrating where they can be changed, shorted, or removed will help organizations to reduce overhead and drive business value.

Case Studies

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