Central Visio Repository

In Mavim, you can easily capture process information and model processes using Visio. The re-use of existing documentation is facilitated by the import and export function. With version control, you can ensure a consistent and up to date information stream. Mavim supports publishing process information in Word, PDF, Excel and PowerPoint formats..

Using the Database Connection Manager ensures that business processes that are recorded in the CMDB (such as applications, servers, networks, routers, bridges) can be connected in Mavim.In one platform, you can manage and control all relevant process information, from the blueprint of your organization to work instructions

Multi-Chart Support

Mavim supports the BPMN language and provides a flexible meta-data set that facilitates the connection between data and notations. Mavim also supports multi-chart techniques which facilitates collaboration and stakeholder involvement.

Business Process Management in Mavim contributes to the successful realization of innovation initiatives by providing adaptable user interfaces, which facilitates cross-domain analysis and decision making with a powerful reporting engine.

Reports & Dashboards

Detailed reports and advanced dashboards can be generated to present process information to all stakeholders. Mavim for Business Process Management also includes a number of powerful decision-making functionalities, including process simulation and heatmap generation.

Process owners can leverage Mavim to run simulations in order to find bottlenecks or visualize dependences. By visualizing their ideas for process optimization and analyzing the impact of those changes, process owners can improve resource management and justify process changes before they go live.

SharePoint Publication | Office365

Mavim and SharePoint | Office 365 provide a single portal for sharing all information and information management issues. This powerful combination makes it possible to communicate any information about business and quality management processes within your existing SharePoint portal.

Make use of the publication capabilities anywhere and anytime, on the device of your choice. This functionality facilities stakeholder involvement and creates the opportunity to involve the entire business by providing a reliable information stream for all end-users.

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